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This is the home page for the desktop version of the Colorado Child Support Guidelines software program.  Colorado Courts and family law lawyers have been using this and prior versions of this program for the past 30 years.

But change has been made.
That change involves a substatial change in how the program is sold, delivered and used. 

In order to make it possible for me (d.o.b. 1942) to ease out of this business, I have helped to develop a new web based application in association with a company, Math4Law, founded by my friend Rami Cohen.  The goal is for the new company to take over the process of meeting your child support calculation needs. To insure a smooth transition, I promise not to abandon you, and for the next several years I will be working closely with Rami to be sure we get it done right.

At you will find the new “on line” version of the child support program.  It is based on the style and code of my old school desktop program.  (The web based program is not really a “program” in the usual sense.  Rather, it a software service, access to which will now be sold on an annual subscription basis.)

The new program, updated for substantial changes to the child care credit calculation, effective in 2021, is available now at

Fine print: Any future changes in the law will be automatically rolled into the Math4Law application, but the desktop Version 2020 will not be further updated.  Vertsion 2020 of the desktop program does not include the 2021 changes to the child care credit calculation.

We have done our best to keep the user interface (Data Entry Screen) simple and easy to use - keeping closely to the same look and behavior as the desktop program some of you have been using for years (and years).

Because Math4Law is run in a browser, it can be used from a PC or a Mac, as well as from an iPad, iPhone or other similar portable device.  

There are multiple advantages to using a web based program.  The most immediate advantages are:

(1) No more separately priced updates.  The Math4Law application will be updated, as needed, behind the scenes.  When a change in the forms or the law occurs, the application you see in your web browser will be in compliance with the changes.

(2) No need to install a program to a desktop computer and very little need to call for help to get things set up and working on a new or worn out machine.

(3) A single low price ($149 per year) for all licensed users with no “upcharges” for multiple computers or employees, and no upcharges for multiple files. You can do unlimited child support calculations on a smart phone in the hallway of the courthouse (or even from the beach).

I appreciate your loyalty to the desktop program.  For some of you, that goes back to the beginning in 1990.  I also understand why you like the desktop program (ease of use being the most common feedback I receive), and we appreciate that there are other options out there for calculating child support.  With ease of use in mind, every effort has been made to maintain similarities as between the desktop and web based programs. You can become an expert user of Math4Law in minutes, not hours or days.

Thanks for your continuing support (pun intended) of this program.

More fine print:  Again, the new Math4Law application will work nearly everywhere, including a Mac and a PC.

The current Math4Law application, replaces all prior versions of the deesktop program.  It includes the changes made by HB 19-1215, effective July 1, 2020.  The Version 2020 changes related primarily to a major simplification of the method of calculation for low income and very low income cases.  There are also (1.) changes in the Guidelines chart for combined income up to $3,449 per month and (2.) changes for some cases regarding the calculation of the allowable income deduction for non-joint children, (3.) a new specified category of "adjustment expenses" for mandatory public school fees, and (4.) the 2021 chages modifying the amounts and income caps for calculation of the child care credit.

Due to statutory calculation changes, all "old law" versions of the desktop program are obsolete.

Guarantee: As always, program results are accurate, but still not smarter than a Collie.

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