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January, 2017, Update News:  I am working on an update to account for a change in the law effective January 1, 2017.  The only math change to the program will be to add a line for an income deduction for child support paid to others without an underlying court order.  The changed program should be available here in a few weeks.  Pending the revision, the ability to purchase the program is temporarily suspended.

This is the new home page for the new Colorado Child Support Guidelines program. 

It is also the place to begin the process of purchasing Colorado Child Support Guidelines software.  Colorado Courts and family law lawyers have been using prior versions of this program for the past 22 years.

The program does several things really well:  (1.) It calculates Colorado child suppport, and (2.) it prints worksheets in the format required by Colorado Courts.  The program has some other features, including the calculation of formula driven maintenance.  You can read about the other features elsewhere on this web site

>> If you have previously purchased Version 2014, please see the Customer Support page of this web site to see if there is anything about the new program that is different or that you otherwise may need to know.  This is particularly important if you downloaded and installed your program before February 10, 2014.

(The program is intended for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.  It will also work on a Mac if the Mac has software such as Parallels to run Windows.)

The program, now known as Version 2014, replaces Version 2008.  Version 2014 meets the requirements
of HB 13-1209, effective January 1, 2014.  (This new program can do both old law (2008) and new law (2014) calculations, so there is no need to retain the earlier version. Due to statutory calculation changes, all "old law" versions are obsolete.  Guarantee: The program results are accurate, but it's still not smarter than a Collie.)
Price for New User:  $235.00   (Scroll down if you are Updating as a prior user)

Click here to start the purchase process if you are a new customer.

You are a new customer if you have not previously purchased a license for Version 2008.

Price for Update:  $140.00

Click here to start the update purchase process for Version 2014 if updating as a prior user.

You are an updating user if you have previously purchased a license for Version 2008.

Click here to read about this update.

Note: The update does not require that the prior version of the program be present on your computer.  The program you will install when updating is the same as the program you would receive if you were to purchase as a new user.  To get update pricing, however, we must be able to find a record of your prior purchase of Version 2008.

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